South London Ordnance - Interview

Next up in our growing interview series is the hotly tipped South London Ordnance.

With bass heavy techno grooves and impeccable production he has got dance floors rattling along with a well deserved hype and support from none other than Mary Anne Hobbes. We caught up with him to ask about his productions and his recent LuckyMe Mixtape:
For those who don’t know about you, what is South London Ordnance about?
I’m not sure it’s necessarily ‘about’ anything in particular. I do a lot of design and illustration under different guises, and I guess this the name under which I’m producing music at the moment. 
Assuming you are from London, or more specifically South London , how do you feel the area has influenced you and your music?
Yeh, I’m from South. I always get asked this, and there’s no way of answering it without sounding like a plank, but I have no doubt living in any urban space encourages you to make a certain type of music. Cities can be hectic, claustrophobic places, and I personally feel like a lot of the sounds I use, and that are used by artists I listen to, are influenced by that kind of atmosphere. I really hate the term but I think everyone would agree that London is very multicultural, you experience all kinds of people on a day to day basis - that’s fundamentally what makes it such an exciting and interesting place to liveI’ve found this kind of vibe always makes its way through into the music.
What are your major influences inside and outside of music?
I read a bit, try to take in as much art as I can. I draw/ design a lot; I’ve done sleeves for 12”s in the past, as well as artwork for bands and blogs, and I find that kind of stuff always help clear my mind, I have to have a project on to be honest.
Your music appears to be heavily club orientated, does djing have a big influence on how you make tunes?
Yes and no - I’ve only really put about dance music at this point and it’s quite important to me that it is actually mixable… But to be honest I make a lot of other rubbish at different tempos which is pretty DJ - unfriendly.
How do you go about producing tunes? Do you use hardware, software or a combination of both? Do you have a specific process when making music?
I really just mess about with sounds to be honest. I’ll bring up 20 audio channels in logic and throw in drum samples - if it sounds good - I’ll go in on a sub and some synths, and if it doesn’t (which is more often the case), i’ll just save it and start a new one. In terms of equipment - I’ve got a macbook pro and a copy of Logic. I always say, it’s only worth having that outboard kit if you know what to do with it - I’m just getting a handle on certain areas of Logic, so you’re unlikely to find me investing in anything more complex for a bit at least.

Talk us through your LuckyMe mixtape, how did you go about selecting tunes for that?
That was a lot of fun to do - and I hope that came across in the tape. Massive thanks to Dom and the LuckyMe gang for letting me do that (sorry it was a bit quiet…). In terms of tunes, I wanted it to reflect what I listen to at home, what I play out - tracks I think are gonna blow and stuff I’ve loved for years. I had a real think about it before i pressed record, but I did it one take at a mates house so it was really what i was feeling would work at the time etc… 
Do you have any forthcoming releases, mixes or sets in the coming months?
Yeah - got my debut EP coming on Dutch imprint Audio Culture this year - really looking forward to that, as well as two other singles confirmed on great labels people will be very familiar with.

In terms of mixes - I’m doing a guest recording for Mary Anne Hobbes’ XFM show which will be aired on 24th February - real honor to be sorting something for her.

Got a few gigs in March - Subskank will be my first as SLO with Visionist and a couple other artiststhat’s on the 10th. Then I’m in Bristol on the 16th at 5127, and in London on the 31st at the Dollop Warehouse Party
Finally, who are you looking forward to hearing more from in 2012?

It’s going to be a huge year for Tessela I reckon - some of the stuff he’s sent me through is simply outrageous, and the new 12” coming on 2nd Drop is some of his best. I always want to hear more from Visionist - I’ve been caining one of his new beats ‘Circles,’ - proper spooky, percussive stuff. There’s so many people actually if I’m honest - Thefft and Artifact, Bobby Champs, Ziro, My Nu Leng (their track Damp is absolute quality…), Last Japan - the lot. I’m into a lot of different stuff I guess, so the scope for mentioning people here is pretty large lol, but yeh I’m really looking forward to hearing the Hackman album as well - I’ve heard clips from it and it sounds really really tight - he’s a very talented guy.


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